Calm Robber Threatens Employee With Knife, Gets Away With All The Money

All things considered, that was one peaceful robbery. It was downright pleasant, actually. Police in Pennsylvania are on the lookout for a robber who burst into a convenience store and brandished a knife before swiping all the cash from the register.

The incident took place in Conemaugh Township on Monday night. Surveillance video shows an employee not appear to notice as the robber – dressed in dark clothing and wearing gloves and a face mask – bursts through the front door and heads directly to the register.

He then shows the employee a knife, causing her to quickly open the cash register and begin helping him to stuff a bag full of cash. She even points at a spot beneath the counter where some more cash is stashed before reaching down and placing it in his stash.

Almost as quickly as he came in, the robber leaves the store, with police claiming that he escaped in a getaway car and traveling north. He is described as a 6-foot-tall man wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans, but no further details to his identity have surfaced.