Call Of The Dead: How to Kill George Romero - Quiet

This video shows how to kill George A. Romero efficiently in a solo game, and get the Quiet on the Set Achievement / Trophy. This is done by forcing the mystery box into a desired location before beginning a game, and ensuring you get the Scavenger before progressing past the early rounds. It will take about 15 minutes of restarting until you get this gun, but thats better than wasting and hour trying to get it naturally. Steps. 1. Restart the level over and over until the mystery box is at the mid-level of the lighthouse (you will see a blue beam of light in front of you when round 1 begins) 2. Kill Zombies until you get 1700 points 3. Walk up the cavernous area and clear the debris in the path (a sideways boat). It will cost you 750 points 4. Use the mystery box. If you pull the Scavenger, move to step 5. If you get anything else go back to step 1. 5. Get a good second weapon, either from the box or from the wall. 6. Turn on the power (2750) 7. Save 7000 points--5000 for pack a