Burning Man Preparation - 3 Tips

Posted by Newsfeed on Apr. 27, 2011

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This is a transcript of Burning Man 3 - Preparation Tips on Newsfeed...Bummed you couldn’t do as many drugs as you wanted at South by Southwest? Dissapointed that you couldn’t watch all of you favorite bands completely nude at Coachella? We’ll you still have one chance left to have the best time you’ll never remember at this years Burning Man festival. But before you go, here are three important tips:One: Bring lots of water, Burning Man may be an oasis of art and expression, but it is devoid of actual life sustaining properties. Two: Don’t bring too much food, try to stick to finger foods and non-perishables. Nobody wants to hangout with the dude who looks like he’s running a failed fruit cart. Three: Condoms, because there’s nothing sadder than having a child at Burning Man, except your child’s face when you tell them they were conceived at Burning Man. So there you go, have fun and remember if you have a bunch of garbage at the end of the week, just pile it up and call it art.What do you think of when you hear the words "Burning Man"? Do you think of hallucinogenic drugs? Maybe some crazy techno music and burning effigies? Stinky hippies? You're all correct, it has those things and more!

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