Burglars Knock Hole In Wall And Use Crowbar On Door To Rob Liquor Store

Detroit police are on the lookout for a pair of men who busted into a liquor store, Kool-Aid Man style, and made off with a hefty haul of cash, liquor, and cigarettes in the process.

Surveillance video shows the two culprits using a crowbar to force open a locked door where expensive liquor bottles and cigarette cartons were stashed. They then proceeded to frantically fill trash bags with their misbegotten goods.

Authorities determined that the robbers gained entry to the store by a knocking a hole in the wall and climbing through. In addition to the liquor and cigs, the men destroyed a cash register and a lottery machine like they were piñatas and scooped up the goodies inside.

Once they were satisfied with their take, the two men fled the premises through their DIY entrance and took off in an unknown direction, leaving investigators puzzled as to their whereabouts. Now, authorities are asking Good Samaritans to pick up the phone if they have any clue as to where these hooligans might be.