Burglars Bribe Guard Dog With Treats, Rob Home Through Doggy Door

An Arizona family was robbed by a pair of culprits who used their home’s doggy door to enter the premises and steal multiple possessions. Now, police have released surveillance footage of the incident and are asking the public to help identify the thieves.

The bizarre incident, which took place in Peoria on December 8, was captured by a security camera. Video shows a man and a woman back their car into the home’s driveway and walk toward the front door.

After the woman knocked on the front door to see if anyone was home, the man jumped the back fence and came onto the back patio, where he was met by the homeowners’ large dog.

The robber came prepared, though: he pulled dog treats out of his pocket and used them to placate his new friend before climbing through the doggy door and into the home.

Once inside, the man and the woman transported several items into their black 4-door Chevrolet Impala before eventually driving off.

Authorities suspect that the culprits might be friends or relatives of the victims, which would explain their familiarity with the property and the cozy relationship between the male robber and the large dog.