Bumbling Idiot Robs Clothing Store In Georgia

New footage has been released of a robbery carried out last month in a Georgia clothing store by a masked man wielding a handgun. Police are calling on the video’s viewers to help identify the culprit after preliminary investigations have turned up dry.

At around 7:00 pm on December 27, an armed robber entered the Royal Boutique in Valdosta and held an employee at gunpoint, ordering him to hand over all the cash in the register.

Surveillance video shows that the suspect awkwardly fumbled around with the gun before grabbing an undisclosed amount of cash and fleeing.

Police are hoping that the suspect – who has been described as an African American who stood around 6-foot-2 and was wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt, sunglasses, and a Brooklyn Nets hat – can be identified by a Good Samaritan since the white bandanna the bumbling idiot used to cover his face fell off for about ten seconds during the heist.