Funny Scene As Bumbling Crook Falls Through The Ceiling Multiple Times

A robber in New Orleans is the laughing stock of the city after a Mission Impossible-esque heist that started off kind of cool but quickly devolved into slapstick humor.

The incident took place just after midnight. The New Orleans Police Department claims that the burglar broke into a clothing store via the ceiling. The crook can be seen on surveillance footage dropping a rope from above and climbing down into the shop; so far, so good.

Things quickly turn south when a security alarm goes off, causing the bumbling burglar to panic. He tries to climb up the rope but realizes too late that he doesn’t quite have the upper body strength necessary for that escape route, so he instead tries climbing up a shelf to access the ceiling that way.

The burglar briefly manages to get back to where he entered the building only for the ceiling to give way, causing him to plummet to the ground with only the rope to break his fall. He was finally able to escape via an exit door and has somehow managed to elude police capture for over a week.