Bumbling Burglars Try To Steal An ATM, Utterly And Completely Fail

A group of dimwitted Florida men probably thought that their plan to steal an ATM by tying a chain around it and attaching the other end to their getaway car was a brilliant idea, but reality proved otherwise.

Surveillance footage out of a Hillsborough County Walgreens shows the suspects rolling up in a van that had been reported stolen. They proceed to bash through the store’s glass doors before dragging in a chain and tying it around the ATM machine.

The driver’s first attempt to yank the machine out of the ground proves utterly futile. On the second attempt, the chain snaps, leaving behind no loot for the robbers.

According to police, the ATM machine is anchored firmly into the ground in order in order to prevent plans like these from working out, but apparently the bumbling burglars didn’t get the memo.

Now, authorities are on the lookout for the culprits and are asking the public to help identify them before they can put together another bone-headed heist.