Building your facebook poker chips stack.

Posted by facebookpokerchips on Nov. 07, 2009

Here are some basic tips you can use to build your facebook poker chips stack in Texas Holdem Poker for social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace. 1) Learn some odds. You dont have to be a math genius to play facebook poker, but you should at least know what the odds are of your possible hands so you know how many facebook pokerchips to raise or when to fold, or when to go all in.2) Learn to vary your play. If you continually play the same, other players will eventually catch on to your style and adapt their play so thats its harder for you to win facebook poker chips.3) Dont get trapped. Its easy to fall into the all in trap where an opponent gradually draws you into a hand until you feel thats its easier to go all in than to pull out at this point, eventhough you probably have an inferior hand. If you lose all your facebookpokerchips then youll be out of the game completely. At least if you pull out you can live to fight another day.4) Play in good games.

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