Brother Caught Jerkin Off

Posted by jh80w on Feb. 25, 2008

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We totally caught my brother jerkin it in this video. He was sitting there whacking away completely unaware and we caught the jerk red handed beating his meat. Next time you flog the dolphin make sure nobody is around with a video camera to catch you jerkin off! Let this be a lesson to all of you knuckle heads, if you’re gonna shake your snake be sure to lock your door. Unless maybe you want your friends to catch you jerking off!If you ever want to mess with someone big time just watch this video and learn. No one like to be messed with while they are pleasuring themselves. In this video a brother is shown sneaking up on his older bother with he is jerking off. He opens the door and throws a pillow at him while his pants are down and he hears it from his older brother. Do wake a sleeping giant, especially while hes jerking it.

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