Woman Arrested After Footage Leaked Of Her Giving 100-Year-Old Man A Lapdance

Whenever you feel like you’ve reached a new low in life, just keep in mind that you have not yet reached the point where you’re giving titillating lap dances to centenarians. Brittany Fultz of Ohio found herself in hot water after she was filmed by a coworker at The Commons of Providence – a nursing home – as she performed an explicit routine for a man who is old enough to be her great-great-grandfather.

Footage shows the 26-year-old inappropriately touching the 100-year-old man, a dementia patient who in no way could have consented to her racy strip-club style moves.

“I can show you new things, I can show you new things. I won’t tell if you won’t. I’m a girl… you know what that means,” Fultz can be heard saying at one point in the video. “You going to buy me some?”

Fultz’s employers turned the incriminating footage over to police as soon as they got a hold of it. In relation to the bizarre bit of misbehavior, Fultz faces a charge of gross sexual imposition and may also get slapped with additional charges, pending further review. The coworker who filmed the video was also fired.