What Is It? Super Bright Mysterious Object Spotted In Portland Sky

It's time to put on those tinfoil hats once again because an incredibly bright light streaked across the Oregon sky this weekend, prompting many to speculate about a possible extraterrestrial sighting.

Within a day, over 240 people had independently reported spotting the fireball in the sky, which was visible from as far north as the Oregon-British Columbia border and as far south as Medford – a span of nearly 500 miles. 

Experts have yet to come to a decisive conclusion about the origin of the fireball, KOIN 6 News reported. Jim Todd, director of space education at OMSI, said that it is “hard to say if it was a spacecraft debris or not,” and noted that the object moved from west to east.

“Very bright, lasted for roughly 7 to 8 seconds,” Todd said. “That is fairly fast, and bright white, bluish in color, seems to have broken up into pieces.” He believes that the debris will likely end up somewhere in the Rocky Mountains if it does not disintegrate in the atmosphere before landing.

Social media users were quick to discuss the mysterious light. “Meteor or UFO just fell from the sky in Portland and I am dead sober,” one person quipped, while another wrote: “Pretty awesome streak of light across the sky above Portland about 10 minutes ago. Meteor?”