Break Classic: The Bread-Catching Bear

The Olympic Game Farm in Washington offers patrons the ability to feed llamas and zebras from inside your car as they stick their head into your lowered window. So if you’ve ever dreamed of feeding a zebra half your Twix, well, you can’t do that here. According to the Olympic Game Farm’s emphatic website, YOU MAY FEED THESE ANIMALS 100% WHOLE WHEAT BREAD ONLY! NO OTHER FOOD OR BREAD TYPES! IT IS A U.S.D.A. GOVERNMENT RULE. Of course, some animals are too dangerous to hand-feed; you have to throw it at them. Like bears. You have to throw food at bears. Even the friendly bears at the Olympic Game Farm, who will wave back at you if you wave, then might actually CATCH THE BREAD YOU THROW AT THEM in their giant paws, giving a memory that will last a lifetime: a video good enough for Break Classics.