Brave Convenience Store Clerk Attempts To Grab Gun From Armed Bandit

There’s definitely honor in standing up to the crooks of the world, but this Broward County gas station clerk might have been a bit too ballsy. Surveillance footage shows the moment when the brave employee tried to snatch a gun away from a hopped-up robber and nearly got himself shot in the process.

The harrowing incident took place back in February, when an armed man wearing a mask burst into a Mobil convenience store and ordered the clerk to hand over all the cash in the register. He appears to be under the influence of drugs as he lunges across the countertop and waves his firearm in the employee’s face.

The cashier opens the cash register and acts as if he is going to comply, only to make like a cobra and lash out at the gun. He narrowly misses, and when the robber withdraws and adopts a shooting stance, the cashier flees behind a screen.

That’s when the robber sees his opportunity and simply grabs the entire cash drawer, making off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Broward County officials are now hoping that releasing the surveillance video will help them track down the suspect.