Bradley Cooper and J-Lo

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. Who’s ready for the most recent celebrity sex mash-up!? I know I am! Recently spotted getting cozy at New York’s Per Se, some FEE FEE French restaurant with a lot of attitude and expensive menu items that are really small, were Bradley Cooper and J.Lo aka Brannifer Coopez. Yep just made that up. Good one right? Now… According to sources they were there just discussing a project, a SEXY project am I right!? No? Okay… seriously though that’s what every celebrity couple says at first. Then before you know it they’re rollerblading in Central Park and sharing popcorn courtside at some sporting event. I’ve seen it a million times. Poor Marc Anthony he’s probably poolside in Puerto Rico with 25 models singing a song in Spanish crying into a mojito. I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.