Posted by Staff on Aug. 22, 2011

I’m Josh Macuga with Newsfeed. This weekend at the Box Office the big question is will anyone unseat The Rise of The Planet of Apes. Hey you know what I always thought would be a good name for a restaurant: Planet of the Crepes. It would be a Gorilla themed Crepe restaurant? Sorry… back to the box office. Opening this weekend is, Conan The Barbarian, which from what I hear makes Transformers 2 look like The English Patient. Also coming into the theatres is Spy Kids 4 and no, Jessica Alba won’t be getting naked in this movie either. One of these days just maybe that might happen, but I doubt it. But I digress, experts are saying the movie Fright Night has the best chance to usurp the Apes from their Rise, Vampires vs. Gorillas huh, that sounds like a real doosie of a weekend. I do have to say nothing says awesome movie like McLovin fighting Colin Ferrell as a Vampire to get me to get to the theatres… Did someone say early Oscar contender?! I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.

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