I’m Josh Macuga with Newsfeed.

This weekend at the Box Office the big question is will anyone unseat The Rise of The Planet of Apes. Hey you know what I always thought would be a good name for a restaurant: Planet of the Crepes. It would be a Gorilla themed Crepe restaurant? Sorry… back to the box office. Opening this weekend is, Conan The Barbarian, which from what I hear makes Transformers 2 look like The English Patient. Also coming into the theatres is Spy Kids 4 and no, Jessica Alba won’t be getting naked in this movie either. One of these days just maybe that might happen, but I doubt it. But I digress, experts are saying the movie Fright Night has the best chance to usurp the Apes from their Rise, Vampires vs. Gorillas huh, that sounds like a real doosie of a weekend. I do have to say nothing says awesome movie like McLovin fighting Colin Ferrell as a Vampire to get me to get to the theatres… Did someone say early Oscar contender?!

I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.