Burly Bouncers Beat Up British Tourists In This Disturbing Footage

A video showing several British vacationers getting tackled by bouncers at their posh Mallorca resort has gone viral, and one of the victims has broken her silence about the incident.

Model Robbie Hoffman and boyfriend Alex Henderson, a DJ who also goes by Alex Prospect, claim that they had been asked to leave the premises of BH Mallorca by the bouncers. As they complied to the request, Hoffman claims, they were “attacked for walking too slowly,” The Sun reported.

In this clip of the incident, Hoffman and Henderson can be seen struggling on the ground as bouncers attempt to subdue them. Although she manages to stand up, her companion remains pinned helplessly as one of the security staff pummels him.

Eyewitness reports surfaced that Hoffman had instigated the violence by throwing her cup at one of the bouncers, prompting her boyfriend to jump to her defense when the bouncer retaliated. Hoffman took to Facebook to tell her side of the story.

“They've done a great job of painting us in a bad light saying we were refusing to leave and throwing cups,” she wrote. “Neglecting to mention that we were pushed and assaulted while walking to the exit by a man bigger than the three of us combined…BEFORE we had resisted the attack or I threw my cup in the bush next to him (not at him) which was done out of my pure shock.”

“It's funny how they refuse to provide the CCTV of where we refused to leave or throw cups out of the blue. Really?” Hoffman continued. “We were only there to DJ and watch our friends headline a UKhardcore event. We at no point behaved like disrespectful yobs which was how we were treated when apparently walking too slowly towards the exit.”

While BH Mallorca maintains that Hoffman and Henderson “refused to leave at closing time,” they also said that they are “working with local authorities since last night to establish exactly what happened before and after what is shown on the film that lead up to this incident.”