Bodycam Footage Of Tense Police Foot Chase In Kentucky Nursing Home

Video out of Kentucky shows police chasing a father holding his baby boy through a nursing center after the man threatened to shoot people inside. Now, authorities have revealed that the scary incident stemmed from a domestic dispute between the man and the child’s mother.

Luke Gamble, 22, of Covington showed up at the Providence Pavilion demanding to see his domestic partner, who did not want to talk to him. That’s when he allegedly brandished a pistol and said he was going to start shooting unless she complied.

An employee called police, who swiftly descended on the scene. Bodycam footage shows officers sprinting through the building until they encountered Gamble, who then fled on foot with the child in his arms.

Gamble handed off the boy to an employee inside the building before exiting, where he was quickly apprehended by police. He has been charged with wanton endangerment and resisting arrest, and has also been served with a parole violation warrant for possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

After a search of the premises and of Gamble’s person, no weapons were found.