Blue Marble - 4

Posted by UnrulyMedia on Nov. 14, 2008

Mission 1212 is a series of six videos that contain a series of clues that when solved will lead to the mission's end and your success. Agent Blue Marble wants your help to crack a code. Something mysterious is going on, something big, but what is it? Why is Blue Marble being monitored by The Department For European Safety and Security? Why is he moving through Europe chasing shadows? You'll have to get involved to find out. All videos must be viewed in sequence to crack the code and once you have done so you are in with the chance of winning the ultimate prize Tickets for two to a VIP film screening in London, plus flights and 2 nights in a top hotel In order to see all 6 videos and enter the competition you'll have to go to We can't tell you too much about the purpose of all this but suffice it to say that if you're a fan of classic sci fi you'll be very interested in finding out. Brought to you by visit the site to find out how you can join in the Blue

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