Blue Candidate For CT Governor Has Meltdown, Gets Dragged Off Stage At Town Hall

Her name is Lee Whitnum, and this is her side of the story:

“I would be furious if my Democratic Chair kept a candidate from me. The Town Democratic Chair is not there to be a screening agent, this was a Town Democratic event – not a private television station event, the public was invited and the declared Democratic candidates are to appear. The invited does not say ‘just a select few.’ It says the Democratic candidates. I am a declared candidate for governor. My paperwork was filed more than a year ago. I told them I would be attending. Laura Orban, Brookfield Democratic Chair informed me that because she felt I did not have enough issues on my website she had excluded me. In a second phone conversation I informed her that I had added more issues on my website. In a phone conversation the Friday before, I told Orban that I would be attending the event. I thought it was settled. I was sitting quietly with the other candidates when Orban demanded I get off the stage. How dare she.”