Blonde Babe Uses Her Feet

Posted by RachelOfTheDead on Apr. 21, 2009

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Watch this blonde babe use her feet in this video. She’s using her lower ten digits to pour a glass of wine. It makes the mind wonder what else this fair haired hottie could do with her feet. Maybe she could open a banana. Or cook a hot dog. Maybe eat a foot long corn dog. As long as the item looks like a penis I’m in. That being said, I’m not sure its entirely up to code for this California blond to be pouring alcohol with her feet, in her underwear. But as long as this blonde babe keeps making videos, we’ll keep it our little secret.This sexy blonde babe video tapes herself using her special ability in this hot clip. This fair haired vixen is as flexible as they come with a dexterity in her feet that makes the mind wonder. The blond beauty has mastered this talent and we are sure there must be many others she's good at as well.

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