London Bloke Goes Ballistic After He Got Busted Dodging $3 Fare

This was no midnight train to Georgia. A belligerent passenger found without a ticket aboard a London train was caught on surveillance footage as he berated an innocent female employee before launching into an all-out attack on his fellow train-goers.

“What a shi*t job you do going collecting tickets,” the thug angrily told the ticket collector. “You’re a tramp. F*ck off.”

Later, the woman can be heard calling law enforcement to report the unruly passenger’s behavior, only for him to yell: “I’ll spark him out as well – f*ck you up. F*ck out of my face.”

She tries to intervene, but the man tells her to “F*ck off you slag. You’re lucky you’re a woman, mate.”

Only two hours later, police had apprehended the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Elliot Nash. He was taken into custody after authorities had determined that he dodged paying a measly $3.00 fare and went on to create a major hassle for both employees and fellow passengers.

“Fare dodging, anti-social behavior and violence will never be tolerated by London Midland,” said transportation official Darren Hanley. “In partnership with the British Transport Police and local forces we have made great strides in reducing crime and fare evasion in recent years. Incidents like this just make us more determined to make our railways even safer.”