Blind Date Tips

Blind Date Tips on Newsfeed -So you just got asked to go on a blind date and you don’t know what to do, well here are 3 tips to make that blind date into passion date. That means sex. One: Don’t order messy food, you don’t want to risk looking like a complete slob before the date even gets going. But more so you don’t want to get a stain on your new cargo shorts. Two: Don’t wear cargo shorts. Dress a little but nicer but don’t go overboard, nobody likes someone THAT TRIES TOO HARD! And finally, three: ask questions that let you get to know the other person. This will help you find out whether you really like this person or if this it will be just a facebook friend. Either way be nice and if it goes way bad, at least you’ll have a great story. Like the time I got too excited and threw up. I ruined my cargo shorts.