Black Sabbath Reunion?

All aboard the crazy train everyone?? According to a UK newspaper – Black Sabbath is reuniting! They’re claiming that the legendary metal band Black Sabbath is planning a reunion and even thinking about recording a new album. Former guitarist Tony Lommi dismissed the reports, and says he’ll only consider a reunion if Sharon Osborne takes herself off of America’s Got Talent and if Kelly Osborne promises to NEVER SING AGAIN. No word yet from everyone’s favorite walking zombie Ozzy Osborne, and that brings me to the most surprising fact of this report. The Ozz-man is only 62 years old! Yeah, that sounds ancient in rock n roll years, but considering he looks older than 3 out of the 4 presidents on Mount Rushmore-ya still look pimpin’ Honest Abe, I think we’d all love to see how much gas Ozzy has left in that alcohol & drug filled live bat chomping tank of his. Besides, if Robert Downey Jr keeps making the Iron Man movies, they’re always gonna have a guaranteed hit. I’m Jonny Loquasto & you’ve been fed.