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Posted by BOOBIES25675675 on May. 23, 2007

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In this bikini contest video, two girls strut their stuff for the title. What gives a girl the edge in a bikini contest, I wonder? All bikinis are not made alike and it for sure doesn't hurt when a swimsuit is made of really thin string and very little fabric. Or maybe a girl gets the upper hand by rubbing up and down other contestants and caressing their bodies lovingly. In the case of this video, I think the tipping factor will be the juicy buns separated by a wisp of string. If you were judging this bikini contest, who would you pick as the winner?Two sexy girls compete in a bikini contest. The girls' dancing skills might be a little lackluster, but they make up for it by wearing super stringy bikinis. They also give each other a hot rub down. Girls rubbing each other is a contest necessity.

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