Biker Tries To Run From Cops, Hits Bump In The Road And OUCH

A runaway suspect who tried to elude police capture on a motorcycle is now nursing a serious case of road rash in jail after his antics caused him to wipe out on the highway, sending him skidding along the asphalt for several yards.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, drivers called police to report a motorcyclist who was driving like a bat out of hell down I-494, weaving in and out of traffic and gunning it at dangerously high speeds.

When a patrolman attempted to pull the biker over, he instead sped up, forcing multiple troopers to get involved in the high-speed chase. All it took was one failed stunt to end the pursuit permanently.

The clip shows the suspect successfully navigating a curve when he decides to cross a median and head down a feeder road. Instead, the bump causes him to lose control of the bike, which slips out from under him and slides on its side until coming to rest on the grassy median. The suspect slides into frame shortly thereafter.

Surprisingly, the 33-year-old suspect was not seriously injured – his ego took the brunt of the damage.