Woah! Idiot Biker Nearly Turned Into Mincemeat By Speeding Train

A group of motorcycle-riding trespassers nearly got turned into a bloody mist by a passenger train in Victoria, Australia. Footage from the perspective of the speeding train shows the dramatic moment one of the bikers barely managed to jump out of its path.

At first, train conductor Colin Sharp had the horrifying feeling that he had just killed somebody, but the video reveals that the train actually obliterated a motorcycle that its oblivious rider had to abandon on the tracks.

The clip also shows the panicked biker teetering on the edge of the railroad’s gravelly embankment. It appears that he was frantically trying to rescue his bike from utter destruction up until the very last second to no avail.

Even more frustrating, Sharp said, is the fact that the bikers were just over 50 yards away from a crossing point that would have allowed them safe passage.

In response to the outrageous video, the government-owned transportation company V/Line has released a statement asking people to exercise caution around railroad lines.