Biggest NBA Draft Busts

Biggest NBA Draft Busts on Newsfeed – The NBA Draft is coming up and to celebrate me never getting on any of my school teams, I will take my anger out by giving you the 3 biggest NBA draft failures.
One, Adam Morrison from the Charlotte Bobcats. Morrison’s beautiful head of hair couldn’t save his terrible 4.5 point average. You suck! Two, Sam Bowie of the Portland Trail Blazers. Bowie holds the achievement of being both a reminder of his team’s mistake of not drafting Michael Jordan in 1984 and also looking like a tall E.T. I’m sure he scares his kids equally with both of those facts. And finally, three, Shawn Bradley of the Philadelphia 76’ers. After being drafted, Bradley quickly became the leagues top person to get dunked on. The highlight of Bradley’s career? Being in the film Space Jam. I’d like to thank all those players for allowing their terrible skills to make me feel better about my terrible childhood. Slam Dunk for sadness!