Big Occasions new song money money yeah yeah

Our new song *money money yeah yeah*Lyrics:We started out small livin in a little town,there was nothing to do we just all hang around.There was a young man who wanted to go far,hed sit around everyday and play his guitar.His name was Jacob, you couldnt make him mad,he could shred the guitar and this is what he had..(chorus) money money yeah yeah, money money yeah yeah, money money yeah yeah, you think its kinda funny but we got money.Now he needs a drummer, so he can play,thats when he met a kid from school his name was Jay.Jay was a guy who could play a funky beat, he liked to play the double bass with his feet.He use to stay at home and be bored with his dad,but now he had a band, and this is what they had..(Repeat Chorus)Now theres blake, hes the rythem in the band.He played the bass guitar with his big right hand.No, not his hand, he played with his fingers, Now we had bass,drums,guitar but no singer.So then there was Kaedon, he would have to do, and w