Best WWF Wrestlers Ever

Best WWF Wrestlers Ever on Newsfeed – Wrestling is a worldwide phenomenon that has captivated people with its characters and insane stunts. Here are three of the best WWF wrestlers ever. One, The Undertaker. The Undertaker scared millions of kids across America by putting their favorite wrestlers in a casket he kept by the ring. Add the creepiest sidekick ever, the Pallbearer, and you’ve got yourself a lifetime’s worth of nightmares. I refused to go to any family funerals as a child because I thought he would be there and put in a casket. Two, the Ultimate Warrior. Take the wrong’s done to Native Americans, add Technicolor and insanity and you’ve got the Ultimate Warrior. He is also the champion of crazy interviews, like when he threw a couch on the Arsenio Hall show. And third, ‘The Rock’. Before he became a huge movie star The Rock was wrestling’s hero and a catchphrase machine. The Rock’s competitiveness and charisma reignited a fading WWF with his catchphrases such as ‘I’m going to Lay the SmackDown on your CandyAss’ ‘Know Your Role’ and ‘Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?’ I do smell that Dwayne, I smell a Tooth Fairy.