Best Tequila Drinks Ever

This is a transcript of Best Tequila Drinks Ever on Newsfeed…Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Hopefully you cut out of work early and are 3 or 4 tequila drinks deep at happy hour. Here are a few of my favorite tequila drinks. First, the Margarita, which is mainly just lime or other fruit juice, tequila and salt. People say the salted rim is to increase the flavor shock of the drink. Yeah, that’s what tequila needs, more shock. Next up, the tequila sunrise: this drink is a mixture of tequila, orange juice and grenadine. I have no idea what flavor grenadine is, but it sounds like it explodes so that has to be good. Last, the drink that I specialize in making when I bartend at my own apartment. Get out a pen and paper, it’s a complex recipe, ready… tequila shots.