I’m Eric Schwartz for is Newsfeed. This minute is all about the most talked-about commercials from the big game. Chrysler aired a TWO-MINUTE spot for the second year in a row, proving that it still has federal bailout money to burn. As if we didn’t see enough dude muscle on the field, H and M tried to feature David Beckham modeling a pair tighty whiteys, but ended up sponsoring a Super Bowl commercial for his tattoo artist. Tax Act aired a commercial where a kid pees in the pool. Yeah, I laughed. But then spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what it had to do with taxes. Is it like the Boston Tea Party? Only this time, they polluted the water with pee instead of tea. “No taxation without urination!” Teleflora hired Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima to show off her body and tell us the secret to a successful Valentine’s Day is “Give and you shall receive.” Well then I'm givin' sex. I’m Eric Schwartz, and you’ve just been fed. Hold the onions and garlic.