Best Games of E3 2011

Best Games of E3 2011 on Newsfeed – The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 took place recently and I wasn’t there because I’m poor but I was reading about it on blogs, and here’s what I think are the three best videogames. One, BioShock Infinite. This game is the third in the BioShock series but it’s a prequel to the series that takes the setting to a city in the sky. I saw a photo of the blogger playing the game and I am very jealous. Two, Tomb Raider. This too is a prequel and has a much better storyline, exactly what the movies lacked. To be fair they did get the boobs part right. And finally, three: Star Trek. This game takes up after the reboot of the film series and has a script from the people that did God of War so it should be great. I’m hoping that it allows a Reading Rainbow option where you can be Levar Burton and read to kids.