Best Breasts Ever

Posted by Staff on Sep. 13, 2007

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This chick has the best boobs ever . With that, we were able to bring you some amazingly hot boobs, bewbs, and boobies. If you can't tell the difference between the three distinctions of best breasts, you should really watch more of these videos. Study them, notice differences, practice taxonomy of titties. It's your birthright. If you do, though, remember that you took advantage of these images when you get around the age to have children. Give clemency to your daughter if she so happens to lose her better judgement for a moment--or if she chooses to appear in one of these films willingly. She's her own person and she can make decisions/mistakes on her own. It still probably won't feel very good, though.A very nice compilation of some of the best breasts anywhere and everywhere! Stay tuned for more of the most alluring chests of all time...female chests, that is. All it took to capture these sweater puppies sans sweaters was a couple (twenty) kamikaze shots and a quick scrawl on a use agreement form in a dingy New Orleans bar.

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