Best Baseball Stadiums

Best Baseball Stadiums on Newsfeed -Let’s all be serious for a minute, baseball is boring. I love the game, I know it’s history, but it’s boring. The people who disagree with me are probably the same people who think soccer will eventually be popular in America. There is one main redeeming quality in baseball however, the beautiful stadiums. My personal favorite is PNC Park in Pittsburgh, it doesn’t have the history of Wrigley field or Fenway Park, nor does it have the winning team to inhabit its grounds, but it’s right on the river and the food has never been questioned by the health department. Busch Stadium in St. Louis is gorgeous and if you’d like to get stabbed in a parking lot Dodger Stadium is the stadium for you. Honestly though, if they have beer, the tickets are cheap, and the nachos are built like skyscrapers any baseball stadium is a great time. Play ball!