Best Barbecue Sauces

Best Barbecue Sauces on Newsfeed – So you want to stand out at a BBQ and impress some ladies, or at least the normal girls who still eat meat and not vegan BBQ pucks, but you don’t have a good BBQ sauce for that brisket. Well you’re in luck, because if there’s one thing this country does well it’s saturate the market with every kind of BBQ sauce possible. You’ve got Guy Fieri’s BBQ sauce, Grumpy’s Bold XX BBQ Sauce and my personal favorite Bone Suckin Sauce, and not because it’s ridiculously good, but because it insinuates something of a sexual nature and I’m extremely immature. My best advice though is start experimenting with a homemade recipe, bring it to the party in a shady old bottle that looks unsanitary and tell people it’s a homemade recipe from your grandpappy… and then ask girls if they want to do a body shot of your original recipe sweet and tangy BBQ sauce!