Big Breasted Beauty Caught Swiping Purse From Bronx Nightclub

Police are searching for a woman who snatched a purse from behind the counter of a Bronx nightclub earlier this month while in full view of a surveillance camera.

The yet-unidentified thief, who can be seen wearing a low-cut shirt showing off her ample assets, was apparently having a night out at Casablanca Restaurant and Lounge when she spotted the purse.

In the video, she seems to be watching somebody situated outside of frame for several moments. Then, in a swift motion, the woman bends down behind the counter, grabs the purse, and flees the restaurant in a hurry before anyone notices.

NYPD officials stated that a 35-year-old woman is now stranded without her car keys or credit cards thanks to the brazen theft.

Police are calling on the public to help identify the club-hopping kleptomaniac by submitting any leads to the NYPD’s tip lines.