Beatbox Live for iPhone

Discover a new way to bring out your music side. BeatBox Live is a unique drum pad music application that not only lets you play your own drum patterns but also allows you to play over original urban/pop/rock music that will keep you entertained and creative. BeatBox Live includes 6 different drum kits and 12 original soundtracks. (ALL IN HIGH QUALITY AIFF FORMAT) Kits Include: Beatbox Drums (Vocal Beats) 808 Drums Latin Drums Hip-Hop Drums Indie Drums Euro/Dance Drums The concept is a live/plug and play interface. Use your headphones or plug into your entertainment sound system for full clarity and amazing sound. If you find it hard to play we suggest you train your fingers by hitting the drum pads in slow patterns and eventually speed it up. We think you will love BeatBox Live and we would love to have your feedback on making this the best music application out there. Send Us your videos and we will post them on our website!