Beastly Woman Shrugs Off Taser While Ruthlessly Fighting Cops

Whatever you do, don’t ever find yourself on the wrong side of this woman. Nancy Casaus got the police called on her for beating up her husband, but when cops arrived and tried to calm her down, she only grew more enraged.

Bodycam footage out of Roswell, New Mexico shows several officers trying to reason with Casaus to no avail as she physically lashes out at them. When one cop threatens to tase her, she fires back, “I don’t care.”

She wasn’t lying. Even after the cop tases her directly in the chest, the woman appears only mildly perturbed. Several minutes later, police manage to wrestle her to the ground and place her in handcuffs, but she continues kicking and screaming the entire time.

They finally get Casaus to the hospital, where the unlucky police officers have to hold her down for over 30 minutes while the medical staff administers three doses of a tranquilizing drug. At long last, Casaus calms down enough to cooperate with police and is transferred to a nearby jail.

Now, the she-hulk faces charges of battery against a peace officer, assault against a household member and obstructing an officer.