Battery From Vaporizer Causes Woman's Purse To Burst Into Flames

A New Jersey woman narrowly avoided serious injury when her vaporizer’s battery spontaneously exploded inside of her purse. Mara McInerney was shopping at the mall when the battery suddenly combusted, sending bystanders scrambling for cover.

Surveillance video inside of the Sunglass Hut at Freehold Raceway Mall captured the terrifying scene. As McInerney pays for her purchase, the battery suddenly explodes, producing a thick cloud of black smoke. Startled, she takes the purse off the countertop and places it on the ground.

“I had the battery in this pocket, and it was by itself,” McInerney said. “And what it did was it exploded through the pocket, charred every single thing, melted every single thing that I had in the bag. The whole bag was engulfed in flames.”

The explosion made a loud noise, which initially made McInerney fear for the worst. “It kind of sounded like a gunshot,” she recalled.

McInerney hopes to get reimbursed by the battery’s manufacturer for her expensive purse and its contents. She also hopes that the incident will cause others to use caution when using and storing similar batteries.

“I put my bag in the backseat and have my daughter in the car seat next to it. It’s scary and it could happen to anyone, and I just want people to be aware,” McInerney said.