Ouch! Horrific NSFW Scene Where Basketball Player’s Eye Gets Poked Out

This video is not for the faint of heart! A basketball player in New Zealand suffered one of the most nightmarish experiences you could ever imagine when an injury caused his left eyeball to pop out of its socket.

Footage from the ill-fated game shows New Zealand Breaks forward Akil Mitchell taking a hit to the face as jumps for a rebound. He immediately falls to the floor and rolls around in agony for several moments, but nobody appears to know why.

That’s when several of the players on both teams can be seen recoiling in horror at the sight of Mitchell – a tight camera shot shows a glimpse of Mitchell’s dislodged eye as he flails around in excruciating pain.

Mitchell was rushed to a nearby hospital in an ambulance as his teammates gathered for a prayer in his honor. Fortunately, Mitchell took to Twitter hours later to let everyone know that he was doing just fine and even found some humor in the eye-popping situation (so did we; pun intended).

The Breakers were given the option to call off the game, but Mitchell encouraged them to continue. They ended up losing 94-81, but hey, you can’t win them all.