Banned Music Videos

This is a transcript of Banned Music Videos on Newsfeed…Musicians often use music videos as a means to make artistic statements that the music alone can’t. For example, MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” makes an artistic statement of how awesome his pants were (pic of hammer in hammer pants). Every once in a while though, a video is too much and it gets banned. Most often videos, like Madonna’s “Erotica” are banned due to sexual or adult content, but sometimes video’s like Paris Hilton’s “Nothing in this World” get banned because they’re terrible. Ok, it’s not an official ban, but if people stop watching, it’s basically the same thing. Some people say that the standard of how we judge music videos has loosened up over the years. For example, Elvis Presley’s song “Hound Dog” was censored in 1956, and recently Rihanna’s song “S & M” also was. I don’t see the difference, have you seen those two videos? Both have way too much leather and chains.