Band Attacks Attorney

BAND ATTACKS ATTORNEY No arrests made. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 18 September 08: Pop Evil, the five-piece rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan who have just released their debut CD Lipstick on the Mirror on Pazzo/Jar'd Star/Fontana/Universal and single, "Hero" on a cross-section of active rock and alternative radio stations across the country, have been questioned in the alleged assault of their attorney. Pop Evil's Leigh Kakaty (lead vocals), Dylan Allison (drums), Dave Grahs (guitar), Tony Greve (guitar) and Matt DiRito (bass) are shown on camera at a Grand Rapids nightclub identified as The Whiskey Lounge, where the band is rehearsing for their upcoming fall tour with the rock band, Tesla. That same footage shows an attack on Pop Evil attorney, Jay Kakaty. Also identified on tape are members of the band's road crew and friends, as well as a gentleman identified as Don Pazzo, allegedly with ties to both the Pop Evil management team and an unnamed organization based overseas. The tape was posted on