Police Release Crystal Clear Footage Of Man Who Stole $2,000 In Radio Equipment

Police in Baltimore are on the lookout for a burglary suspect who was caught on surveillance footage as he broke into a building and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of radio equipment.

Authorities are hoping that the public will help discover the identity of the culprit, whose face can clearly be seen as he busts open a door and roots around for the misbegotten goods.

Anyone with information leading to the suspect’s arrest can call the Baltimore City Police or send in an anonymous tip via the Baltimore Police Department’s mobile app.

The robber can be seen wearing a black hat with flowers on it, a bulky black jacket, a long blue undershirt, and blue denim jeans. In all, the crook made out of the premises with roughly $2,000 in equipment, including seven radio handsets.

Whatever happened to the good old balaclava? It certainly would have helped this guy stay incognito for a little while longer.