Badass Homeowner Gets In A Shootout When Robbers Try To Enter His House

A Dallas man went from fast asleep to locked in a gun battle with a pair of armed robbers early Saturday morning, when his slumber was interrupted by two men trying to break in through his front door.

Terry Morgan checked his security camera and realized that one of the intruders was carrying a firearm, so he grabbed his weapon and went to face them head-on.

When the robbers started to move after spotting his security camera, Morgan decided to check their position by peeking through his front window. The noise apparently startled the robbers, who began to flee to a nearby car – while opening fire.

So Morgan did what any self-respecting Texan would do and fired back, sticking his gun through the bars on his porch and shooting in the direction of his assailants. He claims that he eventually saw five young people jump into a car and drive away when the shootout came to a close.

Dallas police have yet to make any arrests in relation to the incident, but surveillance footage obtained from Morgan’s home have helped investigators to tentatively identify two male suspects and one female.