Badass Female Police Officer Takes Down Fleeing Suspect With NFL-Level Tackle

If the whole police thing doesn’t work out, this cop might have a future in football. Detroit police have released aerial footage of the moment when a woman suspected of kidnapping tried to elude capture on foot but ended up getting a close-up view of the sidewalk courtesy of this speedy cop.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning, when police received a call concerning a woman and heard a child screaming in the background. Cops pursued the suspect through Detroit’s east side as she drove down side streets and over front lawns in a desperate attempt to shake off her pursuers.

Finally, the woman jumps out of her van as the car sputters to a stop thanks to a flat tire. She narrowly (and I mean narrowly) avoids getting run down by a police cruiser and fails to hop over a five-foot fence before a female cop bursts in from out of frame and throws her to the ground.

As it turns out, there was no child in the car. Police did determine, however, that the getaway vehicle had previously been used to commit a felony in Hamtramck, an enclave of Detroit.