Bachmann Smacks Down

Tea anyone?? What a debate it was the other night between all the Tea Party Republican candidates. Arguing & criticizing & accusing all while agreeing on 1 thing. They hate them some Obama! The biggest kidney punch of the night was Michele Bachmann insinuating that Texas Governor Rick Perry was "in it for the money" when he made an executive order that required Texas schoolgirls as young as 12 years old to get vaccinations against the HPV Virus. He says the reasoning was to keep them from getting cervical cancer, and he apparently things 12 year-old girls are whores. Somebody's been watching a little too much "Fright Night Lights". All the candidates tried to lay the smack down on Perry the entire night, and much of America is completely against electing a Governor from Texas to be our next President. Now, I think that's a little unfair. I mean, what could possibly go wrong if we elect a Texas Governor as President. Touche America