Babysitter Attacked by Cats

This video has all the makings of a horror movie (including the creepy music). Scene: A babysitter is home alone with her charge. It’s all bouncy ball fun and games until someone breaks a glass. The babysitter just thinks cleaning up the glass is the worst of her problems. Cut to: Video of Black and white cat upstairs whose keen sense of hearing has it dashing downstairs to check out what all the fuss is about. Out of nowhere, a cat fight ensues! The frenzied feline suddenly jumps on the babysitter in full attack mode. Claws come out and this nanny can’t escape the crazy kitty. The baby watches in awe as his caretaker is chased around the room by this pet gone wild. Word must get around quick because pretty soon ANOTHER cat wants in on the action. Both cats team up on the babysitter forcing her to run away with the tiny tot.