It's official, Jay-Z may have 99 problems...and changing diapers will definitely be one of them. Yes, he's about to be a baby daddy because Beyonce is pregnant! She revealed the baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night and then proceeded to perform a song & dance routine that surely has the baby punch drunk & dizzy already. Of course, everybody wants to know what the baby is going to look like. Between Beyonce's stunning beauty and Jay Z's, well, never mind, here's a projection of how it'll look. Now that's a Destiny's Child if I've ever seen one!! I'm also excited to report that the 1st ultrasound images are about to be released, and in the pictures, the baby is throwin' up the Roc!! Roc-a-fella ya'll. Congrats to the happy couple! And now Beyonce's sister Solange will finally have a job title: Babysitter.