Terrifying Moment Autozone Worker Is Forced To Open Safe At Gunpoint

If you work at an Autozone in Oklahoma City, beware: a pair of robbers in the area seem to be specifically targeting the auto parts retailer and has carried out three armed heists within just the last week.

Now, police have released surveillance footage in the hopes that the public helps track the crooks down. The clip shows the two suspects waltz into the store while wearing face masks and concealing handguns.

They then ordered all shoppers to get down on the ground before grabbing an employee and ordering him to open the store’s safe at gunpoint. At one point, one of the robbers even appears to be holding the gun up against the shaken employee’s head.

Nobody was harmed during the robbery, but police are concerned that these thugs’ Autozone holdups could eventually turn fatal if an employee decides to fight back instead of handing over the cash.